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President's Welcome

Welcome to the SST Alumni Association!

My name is Elsye Rodriguez and I would like to extend the warmest welcome to all of our online visitors as well as our SST Alumni. I have been very fortunate to be able to represent this great association as your president. My number one priority, as well as all of our board members is to ensure that the SSTAA (aka SST Alumni Association) provides both equal opportunities for all of our alumni while helping them excel in their academic careers. Just because a student graduates from SST does not mean that the story ends, it is only beginning. Being an SST Alumni myself and a part of this great big family, I completely understand the struggles of balancing a social, academic, and work-life, especially right after graduating high school. It can all be a bit overwhelming at times but that is what SSTAA is here for!

To ensure that all Alumni have the smoothest transition since day one.


All of our board members, as well as myself are here and 100% committed to not

only help out our Alumni attend college but actually graduate from college.  

Elsye R, President

Meet your SSTAA Board Members

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Elsye R.

SSTAA President

Kimberly S.

SSTAA Vice President

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Mia R.

SSTAA Secretary

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Farah H.

SSTAA Treasurer